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The Best VPN ServiceThereis a large variety of VPN services out there.  I haven’t tried them all, but I have checked out quite a few over the years.  I’ve personally used over ten, and in my experience, there are a couple of things anyone thinking about signing up for a VPN service should know.  Here are some tips on finding the best VPN service.

1. Go with a popular site

Though hipster tendencies are alright for fashion, music, and movies, technology is something different.  Especially with forums and personal blogs, popular sites are going to get more reviews and get talked about more.  Why is this important? Well, if a VPN service is in the spotlight, you know if they slip up.  A VPN service that has been around a while is going to have a more well rounded review profile (90% good/10% bad).  When Astrill first launched, it looked like a great idea. Lots of servers at a great price. However, over the past two years, more and more negative reviews of their VPN service have popped up. For example HERE.  Hide My Ass however, has been around forever, and out of the thousands of reviews available on the net, very few have anything bad to say about them.

2. Pay a bit more, Get a lot more

Some VPN service offer very little, for a seemingly cheaper price.  When you look at a year sign up for almost $100, you think to yourself, “Wow, I haven’t got that kind of money.”  Then you compare it with another service for $5.95 per month, you think, “Sure, I’ve got $5 to spare.

But $100 per year is about $8 per month, and $5.95 is basically $6.  What are you giving up for saving $2 per month.  You may have fewer server locations, limited bandwidth, few IP addresses, or have to give up other extra features.  Spending an extra $1 or $2 dollars per month can mean you get a badass VPN package, vs something just so-so.

Money Back Guarantee3. Get something with a money back guarantee

It’s easy to get sucked in with all the advertising tricks – “Lightning fast speed”, and “Super reliable servers”.   But even among such grand promises, sometimes stuff just doesn’t work. It may be false advertising, or it could be that sometimes, stuff just doesn’t work.  Whatever the reason, there is not “perfect” VPN service.  Get a VPN service that’s going to give you at least a week or two to try it out.  If it doesn’t work, they’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.  A couple hours, or even a day or two  just isn’t going to be enough.

My choice for the best VPN service


Hide My Ass

HMA Best VPN ServiceThis is a great VPN service, and compared to other services, well, there’s really no comparison.  With other services offer 5-10 server locations, they offer 170+.  While other places offer 3-5 country locations, they offer 30+ (including The US and The UK).  Other services have 7-14 day money back guarantees, but HMA has a 30 day money back guarantee.  In addition to a ProVPN service for a price that’s cheaper than services that offer less, they also offer other free stuff like a free web based proxy, free anonymous email, and a free list of open proxy servers.  The only thing they’re lacking is live support, but email and forum support are still pretty good.  This is one of the most widely used VPN services in the world.


12VPN Best VPN ServiceThese guys make up for where HMA lacks. Though HMA doesn’t lack much, there are a few more technical attributes which some users may notice missing.  IKEv2 VPN protocol for Symbian devices, options for data encryption, port forwarding, and various VPN router tech stuff is available at 12VPN.  Though their home page is designed very simply, and may look like a very basic VPN service, check out their features page for a full list of customizable options.  12VPN also has options for users in China and the Middle East, where Hide My Ass is blocked.

For a standard US package you get 10 city locations, which is more than enough for a user who doesn’t have any requirements for country IP location.  IF you’re looking for a specific country, they have a World VPN option as well.  Newbies, don’t need to worry either.  Their VPN is super easy to set up even very basic users can get set up in a minute or  two.

Alternate Site For China, Middle East


Home Page

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