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Software to Unblock Sites AndroidFinding software to unblock sites on Android is one problem the people concerned with privacy are facing at the moment. The increase in the use of Android smartphones and tablets in public areas has made it essential for people to find out a way through which they can unblock blocked sites on their phones. Since phones are handy and can be taken everywhere, people tend to take them on their travels too, sometimes even to countries like China and Iran where many of the websites are banned.

If a person wants to access these banned sites on his smartphone in these countries he will require some kind of software or app that can change his IP address.  Even people in The US, The UK, or other developed countries that don’t outright ‘censor’ the internet, still have privacy issues, and you can never be quite sure where your data is being stored.

Countries that do not like to give their citizens access to certain websites block all the traffic going to places like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google. This blockade means that any person present in that country becomes unable to access those websites even if he is not a citizen of that country at all. In such a situation the use of VPN software to unblock sites on Android can be pretty useful. The VPN will provide its user a different IP address than his current IP address allowing him to access any banned website without encountering any problem what so ever.

Virtual Private NetworkIf general privacy is your concern, the principle is the same. Rather than unblock sites, an alternate IP address will provide you with invisibility and anonymity on the internet.

The new IP address of the user provided to him by the VPN allows him to bypass any firewalls or obstructions that are placed in reaching the servers of a banned website. Since this new IP address is not recognized by the Government censors they do not block this IP address from communicating with the servers of a blocked website. The ‘decoy’, or virtual IP address provided by the VPN depends on the choice of the user. The most commonly used alternate IP addresses are American because a US IP address can gain a person access to all the blocked and restricted websites in the world.  While you don’t have to choose the exact numbers of the IP address, you can choose the country location.

In addition to providing the user access to banned websites a VPN can also be used to preserve one’s privacy. The use of safety protocols and data encryption by VPNs prevents hackers  from intercepting useful information about the user. This is why the VPNs are considered the safest means of surfing the internet for business transactions. Moreover, the regional websites which can only be accessed from a particular country can also be accessed by using a software to unblock sites on Androids.

Anonymous IP Address AndroidBy providing you the IP address of the country whose website you want to access the VPN can enable you to log on to your favorite website from anywhere in the world.  This would include Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and other local TV/Movie/Music streaming sites.

Androids usually use two types of internet protocols namely PPTP and L2TP protocols. On both these internet protocols the VPN works just fine, however, in countries where these two protocols are blocked using a VPN can become difficult. In such circumstances the Android users must try to alter their phones and tablets so that they can use OpenVPN/SSL protocols on their phones on which the VPNs can run safely.

Alternately, web based proxies are another way to unblock sites – one that requires no software at all (See Below).  Though security features are not as advanced, if unblocking websites is your goal, most users won’t notice a difference.  For privacy and security however, VPNs are recommended.

Top Software Providers for Software to Unblock Sites On Android

I’ve use a variety of tools to unblock sites because I travel a lot. Just talking about VPNs, there are many good services, plenty of cheap services, but not many that combine an affordable, quality product. Here are some highlights from three that I though any user looking to unblock sites or surf anonymously anywhere in the world.

Hide My Ass

Software To Unblock Sites HidemyassHMA clearly offers the most of any service. With 23 thousand IP addresses spread across 38 countries, including US and UK servers, they give you five or six times more than your average VPN service for half the price. Other VPN sites charge $20 or more for less than ten country location, and some don’t even let you switch servers for free.  HMA also provides you with PPTP and L2TP (for iOS/Android) and OpenVPN in one package.  90% of VPN users will be able to get what they need here, plus there are a number of free services including a free web based proxy and open proxy list.

>>> Check out Hide My Ass



Software To Unblock Sites 12VPN12VPN can’t compare to HMA for variety of locations, but they do pretty good with their World VPN package.  If you’re on a budget, you can opt for the US IP address package which cuts the price of other VPN services in half, and you pay less than $7 per month.  The advantage with 12VPN is that they support more devices than other VPN services (including HMA), and they’ve got a super fast response time from their support team.  There are also more ways to customize your VPN, including encryption upgrades, and ways to set the VPN to only encrypt you browser, or only encrypt certain programs.  Also, users in China, Iran, and other countries where lots of VPN sites are blocked will be happy to know there’s an alternate domain to get you past censorship firewalls.

>>> Check out 12VPN

>>> Alternate domain for China +



Software To Unblock Sites StrongVPNThey’ve got a wide variety of VPN packages available that you can customize based on location.  Though a standard package will cost you more than HMA or 12VPN, there’s a lite package that goes for just $55 per year, $4.5 per month, which is the cheapest option available from any site that I know of.  Another great thing about using StrongVPN to unblock sites is that they’ve got live support to answer any questions you have, 24/7/365.

>>> Check out StrongVPN


Web Based Proxies

Software To Unblock Sites SecuriTalesAs for proxies, I ONLY recommend SecuriTales.  They’re faster and more reliable than any other service that I’ve tried, and with the 25% discount that comes after their free trial, $4.5 per month is a steal for US/UK/European proxy servers.  Yes, there’s a FREE Trial, and a DISCOUNT, so if no installation and anonymous access from any computer/phone sounds like what you’re looking for, SecuriTales web proxy is the way to go.

>>> Go To SecuriTales

*Proxies cannot unblock Hulu, Netflix, and some other IP-specific streaming sites (VPNs can).


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